Former EU leader Donald Tusk vows to ‘chase away evil’ as he returns as Poland’s prime minister

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Poland has elected former EU leader Donald Tusk as the prime minister who has vowed to “chase away evil” after returning as the head of state.

Mr Tusk, 66, was elected prime minister nearly two months after a national election and eight years of conservative rule.

“I want to thank Polish women and men,” he said. “Thank you, Poland. This is a wonderful day, not for me, but for all those who have deeply believed over these years that things will get even better.”

The former European Council president pledged to “fix everything together”.

“From tomorrow, we will be able to right the wrongs so that everyone, without exception, can feel at home.”

In the parliamentary election held in October, three opposition parties, committed to reinstating democratic standards, collectively garnered more than 54 per cent of the votes. It was a coalition of parties ranging from left-wing to moderate-conservative.

Although the parties ran independently, they pledged to collaborate under Mr Tusk’s leadership to rejuvenate democratic standards and enhance relations with allies.

In Monday’s vote, Mr Tusk secured support with a tally of 248-201 in the 460-seat lower house of parliament.

Mr Tusk will address parliament on Tuesday and is expected to be sworn in as the prime minister by president Andrzej Duda on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day on Monday, the former government led by Mateusz Morawiecki lost a confidence vote. The outgoing administration of the right-wing populist Law and Justice (PiS) party was marred by multiple conflicts with the EU, notably on issues such as judicial independence, the rule of law, and minority rights.

These disputes also resulted in the freezing of billions in funds from the bloc.

Mr Tusk now aims to strengthen Poland’s alignment with European allies and rekindle support for Ukraine. His Civic Coalition (KO) party, along with Third Way and the New Left, ran on separate tickets but shared a commitment to restoring ties with Europe.

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